making a riser fit

Hi,i have a 140bpm riser.
my project is 130bpm. i insert the riser(audio file) and it lasts 39 bars.
how do i make the riser fit my 130 bpm tempo? musical mode dosent do it.

Time stretch tool?

as in “sizing applies timestretch”? if so,how do i know how far to pull it back?

If you are certain of it’s tempo highlight the audio event and select Audio/Process/Timestretch from the menus.

Make sure the original tempo says 140 and enter 130 in the Resulting Length tempo box. Hit process.

Well, 39 bars is a funny length!

How long is it a 140bpm?

If you know the original tempo of your “riser” go to the pool and type the tempo in for that clip, then set musical mode in the pool for that clip then just drop it in to the arrangement.

Edit, or that way ^

What’s a “riser”?

Assuming it’s a passage of music with a steady beat, you count up how many bars it contains and stretch it to fit that many bars of your project.

thanks folks.