Making a Single MIDI Clip Unique for Editing in a Repeated Sequence

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a MIDI clip that’s one bar long, and I’ve repeated it across four bars in my timeline using Shift + dragging to the right. As expected, when I make edits to one of these bars, the changes are reflected in all four, due to them being linked copies.

However, I want to tweak just the fourth bar to make it emphasize the uppcoming phrase , without altering those initial 3 bars. I’m trying to figure out how to make this fourth bar “unique” or “independent” so that any modifications I apply to it won’t impact the preceding ones.

I’ve tried to use the “Bounce MIDI” option, thinking it might create a unique instance of that 4th bar, but it’s not available (greyed out) when I select the entire bar pattern.

Does anyone know how to achieve this in Cubase? ( in other software it is called Consolidate…)


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Thank you once again.

It is called MIDI Part. And Cubase was the first software to introduce the concept of these parts. So Cubase’s name for it is correct and every other DAW does it wrong. :grin:
A clip is something else in Cubase.

Perfect . Thank you for these clarifications. Always good to know the origin of terms.
Have a great day Sir.