Making a Student Worksheet

I’ve been enjoying using Dorico just about since it came out, and one thing still irks me: I cannot make worksheets for my music theory students. For example, I would like to give them a bass line (engraved in Dorico), to which they add the three upper voices. The “Hide rests” menu item only works if, eventually, there IS music on that staff, since it takes advantage of the Starts voice/Ends voice feature. Am I missing something?

This request, by the way, stems from an initial need to hide cautionary time signatures, a request to which the answer was to create different flows–not exactly my idea of a good answer to a feature request, but here we are.

And I don’t just use Dorico for teaching; I compose and arrange music, and I have found most of its other features to be excellent.

(Yes, I have searched the forums. No, I have not found a satisfactory answer within a reasonable amount of time searching.)

Dear Chris,
It looks as though you selected “Hide empty staves” in Layout options>Vertical spacing… If you untick that option, empty staves will show, and if you remove the bar rests of the upper staff (I understand you want to create worksheets with grand staff or choir reduction staves) you should be good to go…
Hope it helps!

In Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests and Multi-bar Rests there is a checkbox for ‘show bar rests in empty bars’. Unchecking it will leave your upper staff completely empty.

It was also discussed in e.g. this thread.

Thanks to both of you for pointing these things out! I do believe I can finally uninstall Sibelius :wink:

Let the celebrations begin!! :slight_smile: