Making a whole rest appear in voice 2 for Dorico

I am making a choral score right now, and for one part, I need a whole rest to appear in voice 2 at the bottom of the staff, when voice 1 has a note in it. (The piece is in 3/4, but I need the whole rest to signify a “whole measure of silence”). How do I do that?

I need it to be so, because I only want one section singing the piece, not both sections sharing that staff.

I was able to play around a bit and make a rest appear, but it was a dotted half-rest. I need it to be a whole rest to signify a “whole measure of silence” for one voice. Also, if it is not confusing, “down stem voice 1” is the voice I’m actually working with.

You can input bar rests with the bar section in the right panel in write mode. The best workflow I use is create the second voice, invoke the caret where I want the bar rest to show, make sure it’s downstem voice (or whatever), invoke shift-B popover and write rest. Quite easier to do than to explain.
Hope it helps!


Thank you! This works!

You just saved me hours of searching. Thanks!