Making all the songs of a cd the same volume


I have recorded 11 songs, and now I shall master them in wavelab, and I am going put them on a CD.
I am new to wavelab and mastering but I am starting to learn some basics. Anyway, I wonder if someone can give me some tips of the conventional way to make all the songs on the cd get the same volume.

Shall I first master one song, and then have it loaded in the audiofile workspace together with the rest of the songs I am mastering, so I can compare the volumes between them? Using my first song as reference. Or do you know any better way?

Is there maybe some way to line up the songs on a vertical line, and make it so the channel I click on get soloed, so I can jump between the songs and listen to them while playing back (like you can in cubase). That would be another practical way to hear if any song was for example louder than another.

Best regards

In the Montage, check the Meta-Normalizer (Ribbon tab “Process”)