Making an .iso/.cdr from a Cd Master

Hi all,
A friend of mine asked me to make an audio montage with several tracks, for making a CD. He’s in America and I’m in Europe. What I thought is, ok, I’ll make the audio montage, will burn the montage in a CD, and then, instead of sending the CD by post/curier, I’ll make an .iso or .cdr image from the master CD and I’ll upload it to Dropbox/GDrive, etc. and he can download it and burn a CD from that image.
Well, the plan is not bad,… but after trying making several images from the original CD Master, I can’t get a working copy. While burning (as test) the images created from the CD Master, I just get errors, and errors. The CD Master works perfect, it’s only the image I create from this Master, that can not be burned into a cd correctly.

Is there any way to make this working? What would you do?

Would you be so kind to help me?

Thank you in advance.

An .iso or .cdr image is not suitable for CD Audio. If your friend also has WL, it’s possible to burn a Data-CD with your montage files (.mon) and all needed audio files and then create an .iso from that.

Or even better, create a DDP image from the montage (via ‘Render’). This is the standard distribution format these days for fully authored Audio CDs. Your friend can use a DDP player (Hofa for instance) to burn an exact CD copy from that.

Hi Arjan, thank you very much for helping me.
The problem is that I only have the WL Elements, and I can’t create a DDP… and my friend don’t have any software.

So, unique option would be the standard letter?

DDP is the only reliable way to do this IMO.

I do this many times per day as I almost never have mastering clients at the studio.

Make a DDP in WaveLab, and then send the client a DDP via HOFA DDP Player Maker. WaveLab Pro also comes with a DDP Player now for your clients.

I would consider upgrading to WaveLab Pro or getting HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master if the upgrade to WaveLab Pro is not in your budget.

Thank you Justin, will think about it. I’m not planning mastering, so WL Elements is fine for me… but I need to help my friend.
Will send the CD MASTER overseas …

Thank you.

Via export in WLE do you have the option to create a CD image and cue sheet?


Or make the CD-Master as separated wav files track(s) 1,2,3,4 etc
send over to Dropbox and let your friend make the CD at home…

regards S-EH

No Jim,…

Thank you for the idea…

As I’m able to make a Master CD with WL LE 9.5, I just found an old freeware app for burning cds in MAC, called Burn. This app is able to make an image of the Master CD (it creates 2 files, one iso and other one). The only problem is that on my tests, the copy of that iso it does not contain any sign of CD-Text written on the Master CD.

So finally I’ve donwloaded a trial and I made a DDP.

Thank you all.

Yeah, this comes up a lot. People try to send a foolproof master via internet using ISO, Nero, or other consumer type file formats and assume all the CD-Text and ISRC codes will remain but it can often be more complex than that, or unexpected things don’t carry over.

The reality is that DDP is the only foolproof way to do it. It’s one of the rare cases where it’s both easiest and best to use it.

WaveLab 9.5 Pro comes with a DDP Player that you can send to others but it doesn’t burn CDs last I checked which is an unfortunate oversight.

You can use WaveLab Pro to make the DDP, and the HOFA DDP Player Maker app is pretty affordable and creates a universal DDP Player embedded in the DDP folder, or the HOFA standalone DDP Player that you friend/client could buy is about $10 USD.

You can do this in Nero if I remember right. It’s not a standard format, but NERO on windows is your best bet. Toast may also do it on the mac, I can’t remember. I had to do this once, and maybe in the search function.