Making Chords Global in a Score

Now that I have just about mastered creating chord playback, thanks to the forum crew, I started playing around with it by creating a practice score with six parts. I noticed that the score was showing chord symbols over two of the parts for two similarly pitched instruments. Out of curiosity I opened up one of the parts, pitched differently, that was not showing chords in the score and I did not see chords displayed in the part. I was looking for some feature in the properties panel to provide that globally, but did not see anything that made a difference. So my question is, how do I get extracted parts to show chord symbols by doing something in the initial setup?

The settings are in Setup. Right-click on a player and choose Chord Symbols. (Note: IIRC reference to all instruments on that sub-menu refers only to those instruments held by that player)

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I seem to be on the right track per your advice. Originally, chords were displayed for the first and fifth staves. I succeeded to add chord symbols to the second stave because the chord symbols for score and all parts was not checked. For the remaining three staves that option was already checked. I unchecked the option and then rechecked it it, but still did not get what I was looking for in eithe the score ore the parts.

Never mind. Git it. I had to check all instruments further down.