making clips/cd tracks from markers

hi… i’ve searched around for this on the web and in WL9 Pro menus but haven’t found the answer yet.

i have a single 1-hour long recording transferred from a DAT tape… i have put markers into the audio file where original track breaks are…

i have put that audio file and it’s markers into a new Montage… but i now want wavelab to recognize my markers as individual clip/CD track IDs…

without me needing to manually splice up the audio file into 17 smaller files and build a montage that way

i’m sure this can be done, yes?

thank you!!!

PS: also, how do you save a MONTAGE?? dumb question, i know… but half the time i go to SAVE AS in my montage it saves it as a WPR file… and not a MON file… how can i always get it to save as a MON file?

In the montage, you can convert marker “types” either by left clicking on each marker in the MARKERS tab, or there is an option to “Convert Marker Types” for more of a batch conversion process to do many markers at one time. I suggest changing all the markers to CD Track Splice Markers except the very first marker, and the very last marker.

For true DDP/CD conformity, I always make sure the very first marker is a CD Track Start Marker, and the very last marker is a CD Track End Marker. Even if you don’t plan to make a CD or DDP, it helps to do this if you need to generate a PQ Audio CD Report.

Anyway, watch this quick video I made about how to easily change the marker types, either manually for each one, or by bringing up the window to “Convert Marker Types” which gives you a variety of options:

From there, you just make your Render Source settings to be:

All Regions
CD Tracks

Then you can render a WAV/mp3/AAC etc. of each CD track in one command from the montage. Use the Naming Scheme to apply a numerical prefix to each file or whatever else you want. Otherwise, the file names are based on the marker name only.

For the 2nd question about saving a montage, as silly as this sounds, I don’t have an answer for you because I never use WPR files. I have the File Tab hidden so anytime I try to save a montage it just saves a .mon montage file, easy.

My guess is that to save the .mon file, you may have to first click in the montage window to focus the montage and maybe that will trigger WL to save as .mon instead of a WPR file.

hi justin

thanks… yes, i finally found the convert marker types and managed to export individual WAV files (all i needed to do for now for this job)… but, what about taking it a step further and adding CD-TEXT and things? the CD wizard doesn’t seem to do anything with only one audio file in the montage…

as for saving MON files… yes, even with the montage active and focused i sometimes only get the WPR option… id on’t use WPR either, and it’s frustrating that i can’t always get it to save the MON… tho it usually happens at some point, i’m not sure why it selects WPR or MON and how it chooses what/when to save those formats…


i’ll check your video now, thanks!

If you don’t ever use File Groups or WPR files, maybe try hiding the File Group Tabs (see attachment). This might prevent WaveLab from trying to save a WRP file, I know that I never see it happen.

You can easily send the Marker Names over to CD text with one click. See this video:

You don’t use the CD Wizard though this is a common first thought. Instead, name your markers exactly what you want, then go to the CD Tab. Find the Edit CD-Text Icon (you can also assign a shortcut). You of course need to enter the performer/artist name and album title, but then you can use the icons on the right side of that CD-Text Editor to push the marker names to CD-Text track names, and push the performer/artist name to all the songs.

To go one more step, if you want to embed ID3v1 and v2 metadata to the rendered files based on the CD-Text info, use this preset:

To find where WaveLab normally stores the presets for montage metadata, go to the METADATA tab in the montage, choose EDIT, and a window will pop up. At the bottom of that window, use the menu system to choose “Organize Presets” and your computer should lead you to where the METADATA Presets are stored. If you use my preset, the CD-Text will transpose to ID3v1 and v2 metadata which can be useful for some cases.

ok, thanks for all the tips… sounds easy enough…
getting the hang of things a bit more every day! it’s really tough switching to a new deep program after 20 years of using others… different ways of doing things… but it’s coming together…

No problem. I guess after ~6 years of intense use, WaveLab seems pretty normal to me but I do remember the first time I opened up WaveLab 7 and it was overwhelming.

That being said, I still learn new things all the time that I didn’t know WaveLab could do. It’s a very deep app for sure.