Making con ped activate pedal

Is there a way of making the indication “con Ped.” actually activate the pedal?
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Yes, you could map it to a playback technique and then in your expression map define an action for that playback technique such that MIDI CC64 should be set to 127 (or whatever value you want it to have).

I would have no idea how to do that.
Any hints?

Define a playing technique in Library > Playing Techniques that says “con ped.”. In that dialog, look at the Playback technique drop-down, and click the button to open the Playback Techniques dialog. Define a new playback technique in there, set to be a Direction. Call it whatever you want, but remember what you called it.

Now you have a playing technique that when you add it to the music will output a playback technique.

Check in the Endpoint Setup dialog (which you’ll find in the VST and MIDI panel in the left zone in Play mode) what expression map you’re using for your piano sound. It’ll probably be Default, but check. Go to Library > Expression Maps and select the right expression map.

Add an entry to the list in Base and Add-on Switches for your new playback technique. Click the little CC button in the Actions table to add a new MIDI CC action, choose CC 64 and specify your desired value.


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