Making Cover pages the default in layouts (without overrides)

I can’t figure out how to make including a cover page in a layout the default as all my layouts start with First page. The only way I know how is to insert a page on the layout but that makes that page an override with the red corner

The issue is that whenever I change the Title Master page, this change isn’t reflected in the layouts unless I remove the override and re-add the page in again which isn’t very impractical

Do not use Insert Page. Select first page and do an Insert Page Template Change.

Edit: You’ll have to also then do another Page Template Change to set the First PT which is now on page 2.


Thanks so much, and do I have to do that for every layout manually or is there an easier way?

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way. You have to do each Layout one buy one.

Note that you can create a custom keycommand to invoke page template change (and flow headings change too!), which should speed up the process :wink: