Making cycle markers of all clips in one track

I really love the functionality of the ADR taker. And would love to make the use of it even simpler.
Most of times my workflow is this: Usually the project I’m about to ADR is from PT. I ask them to make a separate track that has all the dialog lines that need to be ADR:ed cutted tightly to that track and named accordingly. Then I ask them to deliver me an omf or an aaf of that track.
This way I have all the lines to be ADR:ed in one track in Nuendo. Then I need to make cycle markers out of them. I have already a macro for that.
But I need to do that manually to each clip on that track. It would save me a lot of time if this could be automated.

Is it possible make a “macro” that repeats a macro? This way I would only need to hit that macro and done. Then of course I have to type in dialog and character etc. But this would speed up my work flow quite a bit.

Other option is to ask for a CSV marker list but if editors don’t need to type in timecodes and so on to the list there won’t be any typos and other mistakes. So I prefer this separate track.

One option would be if it is possible to make an EDL out of this separate “to be ADR:ed” track. But in Nuendo it seems that I can’t export EDL, right?

Or is this already possible and I just haven’t got it yet :wink:

Any ideas?

Bye / Tumppi

I have a macro to do exactly what you want. Key repeat function does it for you. If you want I,ll send you list of commands.

Hey that would be cool! Please send the list of commands.

Thanks Dolfo!
Bye / Tumppi

I have now a macro also to do this but I have to keep the key command attached to it pressed to get it done. It is not perfect but workable…
Bye / Tumppi

Same here, it’s not hard, and you can control which events you want to make cycle marker.