Making edited playing techniques available to other projects

I’ve created a few of my own Playing Techniques. I want to make them available in all projects. The instructions in “Version history Known issues and solutions” from May of 2018 are as follows:

All of the edits made in Engrave ▸ Playing Techniques apply only to the current project by default. To
make a new or edited playing technique available in all future projects, select the
playing technique from the list on the left-hand side of the dialog and click Save as
Default: this new or edited technique will then be reflected in every new project
created subsequently.

When I select the technique I want to make available from the list on the left-hand side of the dialog, there is no option to “Save as Default”. Here is a screenshot:

There is an edit button next to “Playback Playing Technique”, but clicking on that also doesn’t give me the “Save as Default” option:

The “Version history” document shows a dialog box that has “Save as Default”. The right half is identical to the dialog which appears when I click edit next to “Playback Playing Technique,” except the title is “Edit Playing Technique” instead of “Edit Playback Playing Technique”. But, the options on the left hand in the “Version history” document do not appear on my screen (save as default, new, new from selection, revert to factory, and delete). Here’s what it looks like in the “Version history” document:

I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall on this one! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try clicking the Star button.

If you hover your mouse pointer over the icons at the bottom, the popup help will show you what they mean.

Star button = Save as Default. Thank you!!