Making gradual tempo changes "snap" to absolute tempo changes

I’m working through an orchestral score and am basically time coding the data in a lyrical section to make the playback more musical (really just for my own pleasure). But it exposed an issue that I’m having. If I make the absolute marking first then the gradual, the behavior seems to be as desired. But if I then change the absolute (out of whim or fancy), the gradual becomes sort of decoupled, usually by way of the gradual marking overshooting its target. Is there an easy way to take, say, an accelerando into a set tempo marking, and make the accelerando automatically smooth its line to land on the absolute marking? The play tab is undesirable because things don’t seem to snap together, and it’s extremely tiny even when zoomed in so it isn’t precise.

I suppose I could just delete the gradual and reenter it, so it’s not a huge deal. Curious if anyone had encountered a similar situation.

No, at the moment there is no way for the gradual tempo to takes its final value from the following absolute tempo, but it’s something we plan to implement in future.