Making instrumental parts with divisi

Hello guys

Does anyone know a way to make parts for instruments when you have multiple divisi for them ? ( String section for example )


Hey Dank ,

I’ve already seen the video before but what I don’t understand is this works for a more or less traditional setting , imagine you have Violin I section and some point you get multiple divisi in the section , solo or group , my question is regarding the part making ( for each player who has these divisi parts ) not the actual full score .

Just include the Violin section player in the part layout, and all of the divisi etc. you have set up in the full score will appear in the part as well.

Daniel ,

I understand that by doing this you will get the divisi for a section along with the tutti notes in a instrumental flow but my question is how to make individual parts for players not just a section part with divisi in it . I will upload a picture for clarity .

You can’t make (sub-)parts from parts, so I fear you will have to copy & paste into new players. These can be kept out of the full score of course…

Or possibly better, cue into new players and set the cues in such a way that they look like normal notes (and hide the text). That way if things change in the score, things still change in the parts.

but cue note size is a global parameter, is it not…? It would then be inaoppropriate for other regular parts …

Of course, but you can work around that. Use the System Track to do a proper Select All on your cued part, then set the Scale Property to Normal.

Incidentally, we’ve had this conversation before, here:

Remind me how you got that spiffy GIF? I like.

I’m on Mac right now. I used GIPHY Capture but the upload to failed so I just dropped onto Imgur manually.
On Windows Licecap is easiest, but I haven’t found an easy way to get less than 700px wide (bearing in mind I’m on a 4k monitor).

Cute… I really enjoy working around those work arounds :laughing:

Nice , thanks guys :slight_smile: I will look into the info.