Making loops from Audio

Hello all,

I’m using Cubase 10 Pro. I’m struggling to see how to take audio from an LP I have captured and trimming it in Cubase into a loop so I can use it in the future in LoopMash. I can drag it into a track, then it seems I have to grab the Start / End slicers to trim to the loop size. There doesn’t seem to be a Crop tool once I’ve reduced the length of the audio from 2 mins to 20 seconds. That is, if I move the start or end points I still see the deleted audio - surely this is using up disk space I don’t need. So, Q1 - after setting Start and End points in edited audio, is there a command to trim?

Then… I struggle with hitpoints - for example I’ve just got 4 bars of 4/4. Set used detection to find 8 slices then when I view it in the arranger it is not exactly 4 bars. The length in the info bar says I can’t edit this apparently - I thought I could just say it’s 4 bats long by typing that in. Then I thought Musical Mode might work - I set Musical Mode in the definition but now the length in the editor status bar is And then it says I can’t make slices in Musical Mode.

Q2. The Media menu has a loop browser. Supposing I do get my audio sliced into 4 nice one-bar slices, how can I make the whole thing show up as a “loop” - do I save it back somewhere? Do I need to use File/Export?

I really just want this to be four slices of one bar each - I can hear it’s right, I just can’t seem to use the editor correctly. can someone give me guidance please, I looked on Youtube and the forum but there isn’t much on making loops.

Any help gratefully received.

I’m with you Rob, I’ve had the same issues trying to make loops out of longer audio files.
So if anyone knows of a YouTube video, or if the Steinberg / Cubase team could make one of their tutorials specifically on how to make loops that would be great.
I know all the tools are there with warping and vari-audio and beat detection - but putting it all together for the best way to make your own loops would be great.

When you trim a clip in the arrangement view you are trimming a window with the actual audio still in tact but out of view. The actual audio file is in the pool. If you want to trim a loop you need to select the section you want then bounce it to a new audio file, this will then be available in the pool as well.