Making loops play in time/Feature request

Been playing around with bits of audio noticing something I dont understand :-

In this instance I have loaded up a full song, isolated 1 bar, cut it up in the project window, then bounced selection
giving me a new file 1 bar (or 4 beats) in length… Now am I right in thinking if I open up the sample editor the boxes displaying BAR , and BEATS should reflect this correctly for Cubase to be able to adjust that loop to the project? And for musical mode to work? - In the above example I Saw 1 BAR, 1 Beats, and Cubase would not let me adjust to 1 BAR, 0 BEATS (which is the actual length of the file) - however the loop plays perfectly

So I then copied the 1 BAR 3 times and bounced selection again, ending up with 4 BARS or Sixteen beats , this time I open up the sample editor and see Cubase has correctly identified the length of the loop.

Hope that explanation of what’s happening is clear enough,… Is this ME missing something ? Or is this incorrect behavior on Cubase’s part, ie it calculates the bars and beats incorrectly but doesn’t let you correct it… I seem to be able to get what I want out of Cubase but Musical mode Still bewilders me, I need to re read the manual on this area perhaps, but find this area of Cubase complex and find Cubase handles loops from libraries very well, but doesnt warp audio so intuitively… :confused:

Oh and Feature request - being able to add your favourite functions the right click toolbox, personally I’d like to add ‘bounce selection’

If anyone can enlighten me a little on my musical mode beats and bars question would much appreciate

ok so bounce selection is now CTRL B on my system but still not got to the bottom of the beats/bars mis calc?

anyone else noticed this?