Making midi script to be part of the setup?

How do I make the script to be permanent loaded?
MCU and GR are automatic loaded but not the new script?

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I’m curious of this too, it doesn’t seem to be global?

I’ll import a script made by a user on this forum, it works perfectly. I then close the program, reopen it, and script is gone.

I ended up just adding the script to each of my templates and then re-saving those templates, so that any time I open an empty template , the script is there.

But yeah, curious if there is a way to make the scripts “global”.

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Yes, same issue here. Sometimes the script will load, sometimes not, looks pretty random to me. But usually the script won’t load in a new project, so it’s kind of not-global.

If your script uses the default midi in and out ports of your controller, it will load if of course you’ve used the equality in the midi port name search.
If you have more ports (my scripts use more) the behavior described is indeed the rule unfortunately. My workaround is to always open a new project by using a template bound to my script instead of a completely blank project.

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