Making "Missing Files" alerts go away

Recently I downloaded a few free samples, added them to my collection and then put a few of them into a track.
After trying them out and saving a couple of versions of the track I decided not to use the samples as they were the wrong style for me. So I deleted the files from the track and deleted the original copies from my sample collection.

However, every time I open the track up now I get an error message telling me that Cubase can’t find the files in question. Obviously because I deleted them!

How do I get Cubase to recognise that these files are no longer part of the project and stop putting up this error message on opening the project? I can see this happening a lot in future (trying out samples and then scrapping them) so it would be good to know.

Delete the tracks of your missing files in your arrange window. Open the pool window (CTRL+P). Right click and choose “delete unused audio files” or something similar. Done.
See manual for further details.

If there was a proper index one should be able to find something in the manual!

Can you search the manual, or are you restricted to the browsing the index? The phrase ‘Missing Files’ yields all the details. :wink:

This did the trick, thanks!