Making more than 16 tracks in cubase LE6

I just got a Komplete Audio 6 sound card & it came with a free copy of Cubase LE6 (oem verson).
Got it all running using the soft - eLicenser & now I’m trying to import more than 16 tracks into cubase and its saying “the audio track count is at the limit” do i need to upgrade or???

Le supports up to 16 audio tracks, 24 midi tracks, 8 instrument tracks

So if you need more you will need to upgrade.

Thanks for the quick reply. Whats the quickest way to upgrade? and also i’m looking to use a large amount of tracks so keeping that in mind which version do you think i should upgrade to??

What is a large amount of tracks?

Your choices are>

Unless you buy a second hand version!

i think Cubase Elements 6 will be the most suitable upgrade for me which supplies 48 audio tracks