Making music money in the age of free

tough business… have a nephew out on the road at least 200 shows a year… even he listens to Spotify and Pandora. At some point, either when the free music stinks so much, or when the established musicians band together, it might change. Or it might not, and the internet will cull out stuff this is ok, and people will be happy, because so many of the 7 billion or so want to make music and hope to eat as a result.

But there still are different revenue streams; it just depends on what you want to do and like doing. Consider the explosion of TV channels going from less than 50, 20 years ago to hundreds now. They all need music and have to pay for it. Theres money to be made there IF you like making accessible, commercial music. For the guys who hate everything except narrow dated genres which depend on being unpopular with the general public, yeah its pretty tough.However ,having said that ,it seems that there has never been a better time to identify niche markets and get your music to them. Hard part in this case remains making money.

Truly, I wonder what a skilled full time dedicated prog rocker, could make just recording at home and working all possible online outlets.

Actually, I agree with the other part of your statement … it’s just that popular is about as narrow and dated as you can get. The general public wants the same tired 4 chord progression with a basic holding beat … period. Toss some noises, bloops and autotuned singers and various overblown bass and kicks and you have the modern version.

Other than that you are correct.

Also, if you want to make money … tour … then tour some more … then do a tour … then play live … then tour etc…

C’mon, Steve, admit it, you only like that ‘Big Hair’ music… :wink: .


The drive to be mediocre is one that will never falter. :wink:

The drive to be mediocre is one that will never falter. :wink:[/quote]

Is there really a “drive” to be mediocre" or is that just an easy way to dismiss music you don’t like?

I’m getting old. Bought Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” on vinyl last week. Keep playing it over and over. Every song is familiar but it’s as if I’m really hearing it now. So my taste in genres is changing. And I spent real cash for a physical medium.

I think one of the main problems with any art “industry” is that a few ends up controlling it.

Like actors that have to belong to a certain union (they call it a guild, but ultimately it ends up the same thing), or musicians signing contracts for ten albums which also ends up being of poor quality (well, after the first three or so) unless they truly are talented (which are few and far apart).

Anyways, I wonder why not more artists have signed up for publishing apps on Google, Apple or Microsoft’s stores and publish their own apps (as albums sort of) with graphics too, and then join every forum on the planet to pitch it. Maybe it’s a bit difficult with programming, hmmm… maybe that’s the thing to seek revenue from. :wink:

Question: Want to know how to get $1 Million in the music business?

Answer: Start off with $2 Million. :wink:

I’ve seen a few bands pushing their apps. How is this better than selling individual songs?

I didn’t say it was. However, since you brought it up, one thing would be control over your media. I mean more than just a song, maybe add in some graphical art, animations, lyrics, a CD booklet replica, etc. Many artists are more than just musicians. Make the product an experience bigger than just a musical track, whatever.

Anyway, it wasn’t a statement about what’s best or better, I just threw the thought out there.

The question was just a question,not meant to be adversarial at all. As I said , I see bands doing apps and just want some thoughts on how they’re better

I’m pretty sure that you drive to be mediocre, since you can’t even quote without screwing it up. Thanks for the condescension. I returned it, in good faith, and I fixed your pathetic attempt at an insult, and to someone you don’t even know. What a jerk.

Wow, you have grossly over reacted. People talk about a “drive to be mediocre” all the time . I’m just suggesting in each case ,maybe folks are just talking about styles they don’t like.