making music with wav files

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OK ,so I have been using Cubase for a little while, but still haven’t really worked out how to create a track using WAV sample libraries

I know you use a sampler track,but how do you actually compose with them?
Now, I like to make ambient/cinematic styles of music and would like to use my sample libraries I bought.

Still learning all things Cubase,of course and reading the manual,but can’t find much on this topic

If there is anyone who can lend a hand to an old fella,I would be very grateful :smiley:



In general, you can just use these WAV files and put them to your project. Then you can decide, if they should follow the tempo (good for Audio loops) or not. If yes, enable the Musical Mode. You can transpose them individually (in the Info line) or all at once by using Transpose track.

If you want to use the Audio file as a sound source of your pitched instrument, you can make the Sampler Track and put it there. Then you can play your keyboard. The sample will be played back and pitched.

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Appreciate your time helping me out.I have been experimenting and have getting a feel for this now
Thanks again!