Making proper Breaks between Movements in a Score

I’m still struggling with the problems of combining different movements into one score. The movements were created in different projects. To add a movement, I’ve just copied and pasted the whole new movement onto an extra bar at the end of the first movement, then created a frame break to move the 2nd mm to the next page. Which leaves an unnecessary tiny bar at the end of the 1st mm, with the clefs and time signature of the next movement. Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 15.50.28
Is there a way to remove that, so the movement just ends normally with a double bar line, and the next movement just starts from scratch? Is there a way to do this so you can begin the next movement clean, even if it starts on the same page?

Yes absolutely, by splitting the flow at the position where the next movement starts.

You can also import flows from other projects. You can import files in other formats too, like MIDI or XML.

Dorico uses flows to allow you to have multiple separate movements, but flows could be anything - they’re just separate spans of music. They can be entirely different in content and players (some players could be in one flow but not another, for example).

To allow the next movement to continue below the end of a previous movement on the same page, see here.


Thanks a million, Lillie, that answered all my questions!