Making rhythm and regular notes look like 1 voice

I’m trying to make this bar look like 1 quarter note rhythm slash, 3 beats of rest, and then 2 dotted quarters. I just can’t figure out how to do it. Help?

Try selecting the half rest at the start of the bar and choosing Edit > Remove Rests.

Thanks for the reply ds. Unfortunately that gets rid of the whole rest (it’s in 7/4) so there’s no indication of the 3 beats of rest missing now.

The result I’m going for should be…

slashed quarter, quarter rest, half rest, dotted quarter, dotted quarter

What’s happened to the rests that were previously following the down-stem slash note at the start of the bar? Try selecting that note and deactivating the Ends voice property.

Ah! I’ll give that a shot.

That did it! I ended the voice after the 3 beats of rest, and then selected and removed the whole rest.

Perfect! Thanks!