making sample loops with Groove Agent SE4

I have been searching for a couple of hours, the manual, the internet, tinkering by myself, but I can’t find how to loop a sample on Groove Agent SE4. I have imported a simple one second sine wave and I want it to loop as long as I am holding down the relevant key on the midi keyboard. I have tried various settings, loops modes etc. Nothing seems to work. The note plays once and then stops. Is there a tutorial that explains how this is done? I am using Cubase 8 Artist. Thank you!

In the bottom left of the sample tab, you have to change the mode from ONE SHOT to CONTINUOUS.

If you ever upgrade to Cubase 9.5, the Sampler Track is better suitable for single looped samples. It has extra loop modes not found in Groove Agent (like Alternating, good for strings, pads and synths), the window can be maximized for easier looping and you can more easily save presets featuring third party effects.

Spot on!!!