Making sense of the manual and tools

I’m just starting out with SpectraLayers (though I have previous experience with RX, and further back, with MetaSynth), and working through the manual trying to get more of a feel of what the app can do. My main interest is in transformations of sounds (and occasional noise reduction).

The explanation of the Tools in the manual is somewhat terse, and I’m finding several things to be quite unclear. But before I get into laying out the things that aren’t making sense to me (like the controls for Transformation on a whole layer), which might be somewhat tedious for many here, is there a good text or video explanation of how to use the various tools? I’m looking at the Basics Live Session from June this year at the moment, but so far it’s very very basic. I’m hoping for something which shows the tools in use (both the cursor tool and the value entry fields at the top of the window). Anything?



the manual is very spartan (it is in experssion my country…). true. no lot of vid’s.

go through some of the posts here, and you can get a more clear picture.

but the manual should be more clear, with examples, perhaps because of the next update, and the updates that are coming, the manual is unclear. i don’t know.

it is pretty difficult to explain all here, now.

but a vid about the tools, there are old ones, see the spectralayers 6 thread.

thanks Howl. I did find a video about Transform, but it was very introductory. I’m going to attempt a (hopefully short) explanation of what I don’t understand a bit later today.

The manual is getting improved for the next patch. Feel free to let me know what areas would need more explanations (duly noted for tools).

I think the rest made sense, as the things described are all pretty straightforward (to me, anyway). But I’ll have another go through it tomorrow and see if I find anything unclear.