Making Several Notes The Same Length At Once

Here is a Scenerio

When I am in the Piano Roll type editor in Cubase 7 and I select multiple notes that I want to change the length on, and ultimately have each note the same length (even though there existing lengths might be slightly different from each other).

When I used to use Presonus Studio One if I selected multiple notes in the Piano Roll type editor and dragged the end of the note they would start to all change length, then if I held down the Command Key, they would all then become equal lengths as I dragged the lenghts of the selected notes.

Is there a way to do this same thing in Cubase 7?

there is a length field in the info line. Select the notes and put in the length.

Ok, so you can’t do this my dragging the selected notes? You have to enter in a numeric value in the above info area?

You can drag multiple notes but they won’t all quantize together if they start at different times.

Midi/Functions/Fixed Lengths
Also a keycommand assignable function.
Notes gets same lengths as set quantize value.