Making string parts this way (movie score related) etc

same document have two takes of music what are mixed together. there is first recording time of top of page and bottom page is second recoding time. i seen this way one video and is related movie music when you maybe use smaller sections record it. even i think is better have them seperately (maybe even own document even) one first and then second. not this alternating way. ideas how you do string parts when same players play two times (for recording) but played thing is changed.

Typically, you’ll find that one of the parts is just called e.g. “Violin I” and the other is called “Violin I: Overdub”. Each will get its own separate part layout, I’ve personally never seen them sharing a part (or if they were to share a part, they would probably be shown concurrently, rather than in two separate sections at the top/bottom of the page).

You can look up resources available elsewhere on the topic, if you search for information relating to “overdub parts”.

i thinked how i can put them same page like first half on page is one part and bottom page is other. if found idea if music is own flow i can use two music frames in pages what show own flows. selected players other shows player called Violin I and another called Violin I: Overdub. seems solve this if my sleepy brains not made mistake.

You could do something like that if you really want, but in my experience that’s not how it’s done in a professional context: you normally keep all the parts that are intended to be played together (even if they’re recorded separately) in the same flow and shown in the same score, and each one gets its own part that is clearly labelled.


I was one of three reed players in the studio band for a music-heavy Netflix show. (Only lasted one season, dang.) Lots of times I would have alto sax and flute parts that would be recorded on separate passes. If they are short enough to combine on a page, fine I guess, but we always just used separate pages for each additional pass, even if they were only a few bars long. The MD then told us when to play what part. I’m sure his score contained all the instruments simultaneously though for any written stuff, so definitely it wouldn’t have been the equivalent of a multi-flow approach. (He used Finale anyway and sometimes he’d just have us improvise around a vibe and then Pro Tools it together later too.)


in full score they are showed like two different ensembles one named for example Violin1 and other is Violin1: Overdub.
how i should design player/ensemble speffic note? (what dont have all instruments only ones what this player/ensemble plays) after knowing it i can think and ask more if need help how design such pages.