Making suggestions for Cubase developement?

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I’ve been a software developer for more years than I care to count, so I have a great deal of experience with “undo” keys.

And I have learned to treat “undo” as a save your *ss function as opposed to a “convenience” function.

I would venture to guess that everyone who has ever pressed a [Delete] key has also experienced an “Oh sh*t!” moment, you know, that sinking feeling that hits when you realize that you have just deleted your last week’s work.

Consequently, I have developed a workflow that minimizes the need for the “undo” function. Before I do any work that might require a multi-level “undo”, I make a “safety copy” of the file/module/page before modifying the original file. That way, should things go terribly awry, I can always go back to my “safety copy” and start over.

I follow the same procedure with my audio files…make a few changes, make a safety copy…make a few more changes, make another safety copy…lather, rinse, repeat…

Sometimes an improvement in the way you work is far more practical than an improvement in what you work with

They won’t even create a suggestion forum… I really don’t know why…

Because they’d then have to sift through posts from people who didn’t read the manual or explore Cubase to its fullest.
And the forum would literally be filled with people saying “[competing product] has this feature”

It would quickly degrade into whining…

Hehe… I’ll just post it a 3rd time because this picture makes me laugh :slight_smile:


Oy… :angry: don’t mock me… :angry:

I’m just saying that a suggestion forum would degrade into a mess.
You’d have a unbalanced mix between amateur users (who want features to make Cubase more like [competing product] or who don’t know the full capabilities) and professional users (who will suggest features to make Cubase a better product).

My excuse is it’s a reason to at least keep the ‘general’ forum cleaner.


Fair point.
Could have been stated in your first post, thus having curtailed this drama before it started,
but still a fair point.

EDIT: This was in reply to the Ctl +Z cartoon. Didn’t see the page 2 of this topic…

Yeah, it’s great! Funny commercial (for an insurance company) it made me think of:

Thank you all for your input both positive and negative (which i also found quite amusing) Firstly i merely stated i was a beginner to C6.5 and i don’t consider myself an expert (a drip under pressure) i will explain a specific situation so some one might point out where i might improve my work flow but firstly i will tell you a little about myself because i guess i will be posting around here more often in the future,
I originally became a Steinberg user back around 1987 when i purchased Pro24 with an Atari st1040, i then paid full price for Cubase 32 about 3 years later i then about 7 years later purchased a C-Lab falcon (complete with logic) and paid full price for Cubase audio 6 months later. It wasn’t long after i gave into reality and bought a PC with Cubase, which once again was after the upgrade period (if anyone deserves to be invited to the Steinberg Xmas party its ME!) around 10 years ago i stop producing music after a few indie cd releases that didnt make me more than pocket money i then went from using Acid pro (for doing easy remixes and mashups) to using Ableton which was more suitable for my line of work… about 18 months ago i bought a top end I7 and decided to play around with a pirated version of Cubase 5 and Sonar 8.5 i also dabbled with Pro Tools for a while…( i also work with my son and father whom both use macs and logic 9) So YES i do have a clue what a DAW is! after doing several projects in all these different DAW’s i decided Cubase was still king and once again decided to fork out my hard earned cash for C6… so thank you for your advice conman you PUSSY! but i do know what a DAW is… so any way heres what i think Cubase falls short of… ( and essentially im only reffing to 1 undo the last thing you did!) Lets say
i want to record midi or audio i set my locators press record and begin, bang done…I don’t like it so i press (ctrl-del) funny picture that! and then start again no worries easy lets move on… so i go to my mixer do a pass and record fader movements one is no good so i do the pass again in replace not merge using my mouse not hardware… so during that pass any period of time when the fader is static and my left mouse click is down on play back the fader frequently jumps back to positions that it was in on the first pass! hmmmm frustration!.. so i go down to my track on the main screen pull up the volume section and begin to scrub the dots in my recorded volume section and start again? wow i could of just hit undo 10 mins ago… hmmm what am i missing ive been through the C6 videos and the SWA videos (worth the money hands down) and i dont know a better way to do it… please help! Also im tired of spending hundreds of hours learning technology that is superseded as soon as you master it especially with complex synths like massive along with that it hard to teach an old dog new tricks! HaHa so yes it would be a GREAT idea to simplify this DAW with a better undo system… shit its one of the best programs ever written… LUV U ALL :laughing:

Have a look at the Automation Panel!

Thank you Split you’ve come to the rescue again :smiley: