Making the best of RAM

The excellent BBCSO projects that John Barron created for Core and Pro are unfortunately too unwieldy in my 32Gb available ram so I’ve spit them into orchestral sections so their easier to work with. His BBCSO Discover Project I can accommodate in full however. Of course the BBCSO templates themselves need no subdivision since I can choose only the players/instruments I want to add and the templates do the rest. I’m now in the process of putting together a subset from John’s original Core and Pro projects that fit my hardware limitations.

Dorico 4 itself has a small enough footprint so that’s not a problem but how I approach loading samples is an area that deserves more exploration. Kontakt can load 16 different samples. Steinberg’s own HaLION player can keep on loading a new set of 16 samples. Spitfire’s player is one instrument per player instance and OT’s SINE offers a 16 instrument per player instance option. Loading separate player instances must make for less efficient use of ram but it’s the path I’ve presently chosen to follow. I’d be interested to know how others are dealing with this issue?