Making the inspector the default instead of the fader


Everytime I select a channel I get a fader insytead of the inspector in the left side of the arrange window. Is there a way to get the Inspector instead as default e.g. in preferences ?

Hans Henrik

The way it’s working here is, whichever one I opened last becomes the new default.

Afraid not on my system. Always back to the fader.

I get the same behaviour - always defaults to the fader. Did you ever resolve this? Can’t find anything in preferences or inspector setup.

Have a look to Track Settings and make sure the fader panel is not ‘pinned’ (to always be open).

Thanks for the response.

I have the basics tab pinned but whenever i change tracks the basic tab closes and the fader tab opens. Odd.

Pins, an inspector settings save and a restart have solved it. Many thanks for your help.

Solved now 2 years later - better late than never!
I erased the file “defaults” in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64 and restarted Cubase and boom, now it works. Must have been a problem with importing settings from previous versions of Cubase. Now it works as expected - it remembers whatever was open in the inspector before and defaults to that. Pinning/unpinning and saving inspector settings never worked.

Quick fyi, initializing prefs, aka trashing prefs, or Cubase Safe Mode is the #1 go to, first thing to check when things go haywire.