Making the score visually insert 8vb to make the score easier to read


Some time ago I wrote a piece in Cubase, and would now like to export the score for safekeeping.

At least on of the tracks, the bass track, has a lot of low tones in it, makeing the score look like this:
I don’t want to make any changes to the piece, but would like the score to be easier to read by having it display notes withing the “normal range” and use 8vb, instead of displaying the notes way down below the lines. (I apologize for my english, hope I’m getting my point across).

Is there a way to make the score display these notes with a 8vb, instead of like it is now with those low notes way down below there?

Double click on the Clef at the start of the bass part. This lets you select different clefs including 8vb.

Thanks! Got it working now. Now I need a way to change key signatures multiple times in a piece. I’ll start a new thread on that topic.

No need. Just select the sig you want to use in the Score Editor’s Inspector and then click on the score where you want to insert that sig.

Thanks for the tip. My score editor looks like the one on the bottom here:
As far as I can see, there is no key signature icons or anything, so I don’t know where I’d go to select the key signature.

Any suggestions on where to look for the signature settings?

It might be Pro feature only, as I see you use elements. Can’t check now, i’m away from computer

This is certainly possible (although how would you set the key to anything but C Major). The version chart says that both Elements & Artist have “Basic” Score Editor capabilities, but is no more specific.

But if Elements does let you set the sig, the tab might just not be visible - which you can set using the ‘Gear’ button in the Inspector.

Thank you all very much for the help, but I give up. After following your advice, googling and reading the manual, I still have no idea how to accomplish this simple task, and therefore conclude that Cubase Elements is not the right tool for this (if even possible). I’ll export to midi, and hope to be able to open that in another sheet music software and make the key signature adjustments there.