Making upgrading to new versions a smoother process

I love Cubase.
It’s been my DAW of choice for almost a decade. I always upgrade to the newest version whenever it becomes available to take advantage of the new features. However, it always seems like I have too much down time when switching over to the new version. It can be counterproductive in a professional environment, spending the time you could be working on projects, trying to get everything running.

Running into installation issues, Cubase installing additional content in various places and running out of hard drive space, getting all of the settings , presets and preferences transferred over. It would be nice to hit the ground up and running.


In older Cubase installers, you were prompted for an installation location for the various factory contents (halion, groove agent, caleidescope, etc.)
This was helpful for users running Cubase from smaller SSD drives that contained the OS. You were able to install the additional content to a separate hard drive to save space on your SSD. In the Cubase 10 installer this ability has been removed. You are prompted for an installation location for Cubase 10 and all other content is automatically stored to the same drive.

Suggestion 1 :
bring back the ability to install additional Cubase content to a file path of your choice in the installer.

Suggestion 2:
update the Steinberg Library Manager to be able to handle all installed content (caleidescope, blockbuster, soul assembly, etc.) and
not just Halion and Groove agent content, so users can place the content on another hard drive.

Cubase seems like it has presets, preferences and settings for almost every feature in the DAW, which is great once you have everything tailored to your workflow. When switching over to a new version it always seems like you have to hunt down files in a myriad of locations to get your workflow back.

Feature Request:
include a presets, preferences, settings importer/manager that can make this process more streamlined. Maybe something with
a checklist of all the presets, preferences, settings, that you can check boxes for each item you’d like to import/export. Maybe include
a “to version” and “from version” dropdown box where you can select from a list of the installed versions of Cubase. Something
that does all of this for you instead of feeling like you’re hunting down files in your file system. Half the time I’m not even sure
when I copy settings files over, if everything will operate correctly with the new version.

Cubase is such a pleasure to use, but the installation and setup always feels like a blemish on it’s otherwise smooth user experience.