making video clips to attach audio to

Does anyone out there know of a good video editing software so I can cut clips to the frame quickly and easily for a mac.

I only need this for making quicktime files with the sound attached.

Quicktime pro is not easy enough to work with.


You can do it in Adobe Premiere Pro…and if u want to edit it in free video editing software…then may be you have to convert ur QT files and work in free soft like VSDC Free Video Editor etc… (I have never used any tho) But Adobe Premiere Pro is the one!

Premiere Elements is a LOT cheaper and probably all you need

Lot cheaper - Agreed.Premiere Elements does not have many of Adobe Premiere Pro’s advanced editing such as multiple timelines etc…P.Elements - less flexibilty and fewer adjustments available!
As surfer said, P.E is all u gonna need for ur work!