Making Visibility Presets


I’m new to Pro and new to 9.5.

I have made a couple of Presets in the Logical Editor but cannot find them to use them. There is nothing showing in Advanced Agents. What have I missed?

EDIT-Does a Macro have to be created?

Logical Editor presets can be used from the Logical Editor window, or by assigning a Key command or Macro to them, or by going to Edit -> Process Project Logical Editor.

This might benefit from a bit of clarification.

The Logical Editor is for Midi editing, and filters and acts on midi data.

The Project Logical Editor is for project-level work, such as renaming tracks, visibility, and tons more. Advanced Agents is part of the PLE.

The Logical Editor is found in the MIDI menu, and the PLE in the Edit menu. The presets of both appear in the key commands dialog.