Making vocal(audio) longer on a particular note


A time ago I had a project with a singer, but we we’re in a hurry so the vocals didnt match the beat(sang to short in time) and the singer was a bit nervous. So some of the word are to short and the singer sang a bit short when she should stayed on a note and so on.

We dont have possibility to re-record the song.

So I have to make the parts a bit longer where she should have stayed on a note. But what tool is best for that? Isnt audiowarp made to change tempo? I just wanna drag the a little part so its longer to match the beat. Slice tool isnt optimal i assume.

Look to the Select Tool’s Sizing Applies Timestretch option.

I’d do it with warp tabs :slight_smile:

Where do I find this one?

The small arrow on the tool button.

I am no expert for sure but I will offer some (hopefully) helpful information. I did a project recently where I converted a poetry reading into vocals. Just trying to stretch the vocal arbitrarily, of course, may not give good results. When you want to stretch the word out you need to stretch the vowel and NOT the consonants. So you may CUT the vocal after the consonant is complete and the vowel has started (and before the next consonant starts, effectively isolating the vowel into a separate audio event). Then just use audio warp to stretch the vowel audio event. I will also say (since you are posting in C5 forum) that you may get noticibly better results using the elastique Pro which is in C6 (download the trial!). The elastique pro was what finally pushed me over the edge for the upgrade to C6. If you are going to use VariAudio for pitch correction, etc., you may need to bounce the new, stretched audio first.
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