making vst grain synth in Halion6 for Halion SE3

I’ve been making a vst grain instrument for halion sonic se3 using Halion 6.
I’ve not done a great deal of looking around but there’s very little information out there.
Is there a way to drop a user sample into the grain synth? I can understand why there
might not be (one could pretty much make padshop pro and distribute it for free).
But distributing a granular synth without the ability to import your own samples
isn’t much use. Any help gratefully appreciated.

Yes, you can drop a user sample into the macro page of your synth. There is a Drop control if you want to drag and drop the sample. You can combine it with Sample Display template and/or Path Browser.

Either way you need to connect the Drop control or Path Browser template to SampleOsc.Filename parameter.