'MalFunction' C13.0.20 test project unmastered

Just thought i would throw this together as a test .
My ears are going badly on the highs so maybe to bright but

All Padshop , Halion 7 , GA5 and a few other odds and sods , enjoy the craziness :wink:
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This is an excellent test…

If your ears have a little difficulty with treble, then mine too…

It sounds very very good with my Yamaha HS8. Great mix! Everything seems very well balanced to me. The musical style is really good, it’s very interesting, the rhythm, the timbres, everything. I really like what you have done.

If you have more to throw like this, don’t hesitate… So see on to the next piece.


Thanks for the great comments Rene_L

I tend to throw ( :wink: ) lots of things together not really conforming to any genre, just what my ears and brain requires to hear .
It’s a groovy little thing , sort of 70’s style but modern electronic , to me the more dynamic range the better , Think there’s still a little bit of decluttering in the last past of the track to make a couple sounds stand out more but , it’s not bad .

I really do appreciate your excellent feedback , i certainly wasn’t expecting any sort of reply as good as this , thank you very much . :orange_heart:

Very cool. I likee. We must all be getting old in here lol My highs seriously failing, but I have quite severe tinnitus too. Probably being a DJ for years, but don’t know for sure. I also get bouts of deafness, which I have a bit in my right ear, atm. Nightmare for a qualified music technologist. But yeah, very cool track, man. You have good instincts.

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You admit to being a DJ , ooh :joy: (only joking)
Yes any form of hearing lose with passion for music is annoying BUT it also shows we have lived in an era before Health and Safety madness . Wouldn’t change a thing.

Cheers for the comment , im not a musician i just sequence sounds my brain feels it needs to hear . But i mainly do sound design since the 90’s

Keep up the deafness fight and thanks for the thoughts

No probs man. Yeah, guilty as charged! I feel like I should say, though, I was a proper DJ!! old school style, no auto-beat matching BS and jus pressing buttons and dancing in between, It was constant work keeping the energy up on vinyl. Plus physically hunting for the best newest tracks and mixes. Mixes that people would love as much as me. I used to travel like 30 miles searching to get my tracks. Jungle and drum n bass and hard-dancey stuff mainly. Anything fast and hard. I lived at 175-180 BPM. Back in the day, it’s the only place you could hear that music was underground venues and mix tapes/CDs. I’d never be ashamed of it. It was euphoric and helped create nights people will never forget. The last one I did was a year back and the resident DJ had a fully digital setup which I finally used instead of lugging my weighty turntables about, but I felt like I was cheating, and the owner was pretty clueless. He was even just setting the mixer to auto-mix like 16 bars before the end of each track!! WTF!! That’s just… wrong for you and the crowd. So I turned all that auto-crap off, and played like vinyl, and it felt much better. :smiley: I think that’s why DJs get bad names though. The button-pushers. They don’t even use the cross-fader. I had to switch it on, because he didn’t know how! Anyway, I’ve bumbled on a bit, lol and you might not know what the hell I’m talking about :thinking: :vulcan_salute:

And you’re still a musician, because you create music lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nicely done. Sounds like everything has its place. A lot of air, a lot of room to breathe, so good mix.
I’m an old fart myself so I can’t tell if the highs are too much or too low, to me they sound just right.

Whoooaa, careful Icarus. (<- you have to say that with a Scotish accent)

When I heard the beginning of your song I was instantly reminded to the beginning of this song, though the two songs quickly go astray afterwards: