Mallet Symbols?

Hello All,

been searching online and can’t seem to find where in Dorico to add/ change mallet symbols for percussion instruments (ie. stick, hard mallet, soft mallet etc.). is it possible that Dorico doesn’t have these symbols?

Welcome to the forum @jayt_dole ! If Dorico has them, they’ll be playing techniques – take a look in the Playing Techniques panel in Write mode, in either of the percussion sections (pitched/unpitched).

If the symbols you need don’t exist, you can create custom playing techniques with the required glyphs (requires Dorico Pro).

It’s surprising that these aren’t included by default. They seem a lot more common than many of the playing techs in the the Pitched Percussion section

Mallets should be included in a new category mallet in the Playing techniques panel by default. It takes time and effort to search for correct glyphs compared with PDF.

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I created text techniques for mallets & sticks, but I know the pictograms are available in the symbols list. I wonder whether that list could be better organized, maybe with sub-folders for the various categories?

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