Man Machine

I haven’t tried a dance tune in a long time so this was a bit of a voyage of discovery. All done in C8.05 :slight_smile:


nice groove and nice tune ,if i had heard it without knowing who it was i would have thought it was a Chic song that`s a compliment ,the vocals are a little masked with similar frequency’s and are hard to hear ,but nice dance track.

Thank you - listening back I agree. May try sidechaining to see if it helps! :slight_smile:

Yeah, very 70’s disco…if that was your target then it’s a bullseye :slight_smile:

found it a little bit too long, I don’t remember the guitar ever stopping which makes the track a little monotonous.
all would be put right though if the vocal was more up in the mix, then maybe the guitar would be less prominent…

good work though…this would probably have been a disco hit back in the day… :slight_smile:


That’s a fantastic groove. I agree with shadowfax’s comments that cutting the guitar at the appropriate time would increase the interest.

I think there’s also space to have some kind of soloing on this - either synth sax, or guitar. Very nice stuff!


+1 great work! agreed with polgara’s comment

+1 from here too.
Some very good stereo imaging around the 2:40 mark. very Chic.

Thanks everyone for listening and proving such great feedback and apologies for not replying sooner as I went back to the drawing board. After some objective listens and taking comments on board - I felt the mix was not bold enough, the vocals and drums were not cutting though enough. so made the following tweaks

I side chained the snare with the rhodes to make some space
I side chained the kick with the guitars, to help give it some room
I added in a baritone vocal to help thicken the vocals up a bit and bring a better balance to the mix (found the fist mix the vocals were too thin and not coming through clearly enough)
Dialled back a bit on the reverb - guitars are dry - DI’d straight into my sound card as is the bass.
Re took the bass line, with more attack on each note.
Autopanned the clavinet on every beat

This is what it sounds like now.

p.s. How good is Cubase!!! :slight_smile:


great job…thoroughly enjoyed it…reminds me of Chic guitar and early Prince vocals. The horns could have been brought up a little more (my thoughts) and the guitar back just a wee bit…but great anyway!