manage edit multichannel files


i have a question on how you use multichannel files.
i record using a 664 or zoom f4. i create single files with all my channels inside so i’m sure the editor don’t trash the S from MS or keeps HF and trashes 5.0 ambiance.
Now on my side i want to divide these single files to other formats. For exemple i have 1&2 MS ; 3 HF ; 4 5 6 7 Ambiophonic (that i later change to 5.1)

the way i do it is import the single file with all 7 channels in nuendo
1 convert track to mono > nuendo creates new files in Session\Audio\Split
2 edit files cut fades and bounce to consolidate > nuendo creates new files in Session\Audio
3 convert these mono files to final format > nuendo creates new files in Session\Audio\Merge
4 then i want to name / metadata / move the final file to my sound effect foder so it’s not a mess

This entire process is soooo annoying.
anyone come with a better solution ?
i downloaded the trial for wavelabe but out of the box metadata does not display, doesn’t look like it supports polyfile >6 tracks