Manage groups of external effects

I need to create presets in the “external effects” section. Not of a single effect, but of a group … I don’t understand why it is not implemented, while for the input and output section it is foreseen. It would be very convenient and, I think, simple to insert. Does anyone by any chance know if there is a way around this shortcoming? That is, can you tell me an alternative way to manage groups of external effects in order to create presets to be recalled?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please, add the feature-request tag or support one of some, which has been inserted here on the forum already.

Sorry: it’s the first time for me. I tried to search for tags of the term “effect” and “external effect” but I didn’t find it, and I don’t know how to create a new one …
Can you edit the post for me or tell me how to do it? thank you :slight_smile:


No sorry needed.

You cannot create a new one. But the feature-request is in the list of the optional tags. :wink: