Manage Instrument Filters dialog question

I am in galley view and I would like to filter the instruments of a typical orchestra, from piccolo to contrabasses, per families.
I was about to do it when I realised that there is a dedicated button for it but it seems to skips several instruments, piccolo, clarinet 1 & 2… a filter called “Timp,Mar,Hp” is empty, even though I have timpani, marimba and harp in the full score.
I am just wondering if there is a little problem here or if the button is nothing more than a guidline.
In case it is relevant: I am using the BBCSO Core Orchestra Dorico template and testing NotePerformer4 with BCSO Core.

I agree, sometimes instruments are missed from the ensemble, but it’s trivial to add them.

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Indeed, just checking if maybe there was something of a problem underneath the surface.

Dorico makes these things very easy!

I’m surprised that Dorico omits these instruments. Perhaps you could attach a project in which you find the instrument filters exclude some instruments, and we could take a look.

Thank. you, here is the incipit.
I just applied the orchestra filter. Even though, for example, in the “title” I read Picc, Fl 1-3… on the right column, under “Instruments in filter” Flute 2 and 3 are ticked. (1.4 MB)