Manage multiple licences of Dorico and Cubase

I teach computer music at a music school. We lend our students (Cubase artist/pro) and Dorico licences while they are learning.

Before the new ‘Steinberg activation manager’, managing these licences was simple for us. We put the update on the physical dongle, which the students returned to us at the end of their course.
But everything became more complicated for us with the ‘Steinberg activation manager’, in particular because of the username and password that have to be entered to use the software. We do not update for the moment because we don’t know how to handle all those licences.

As Steinberg’s education division doesn’t answer our emails, do you know if it’s possible to group together and easily manage all the students’ licences?
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There is no need to keep the systems logged in all the time, there is the possibility of offline activation. Have you looked into that?

Thank you @JuergenP ! I didn’t know this solution existed :man_shrugging:
I hope that they will find something less complicated in the future, but I will try your solution. Thanks again !

I wonder why no-one at Steinberg is answering this question… do they not have a satisfactory solution at the moment?

It has only been three hours since you asked the question.

I first tried the education department @ steinberg (this year and last year, multiple times) : no response…
tried the Cubase forum : no response…
The first response I got was from @JuergenP, on the Dorico forum.
Have I been patient enough for you or do I still have to wait?

I’m sorry that you’ve had difficulties getting a reply from anybody here at Steinberg. If you would like to forward me the emails you’ve sent to us, I can try to determine why a response has not been forthcoming.

We don’t have any good solutions for lending an institution’s licenses to students at the moment, though in future we do plan to introduce support for floating licenses and the ability to assign licenses to specific Steinberg ID accounts from an institutional account. I can’t say when these new features in Steinberg Licensing will be available, but they are in our plans.

In the meantime, probably a better solution is for us to provide you with trial codes for Cubase Artist/Pro and Dorico for you to distribute to your students. If you’d like to discuss this approach further, please send me an email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, and I’ll put you in touch with the right people to assist you.


Looking just at this thread, your first post was three years ago, and Dorico has changed quite a bit in the past three years. Added to that, licensing–particularly site licensing–is not something the Dorico Development Team can answer without consulting Steinberg, so any change (if any) would depend on consulting there.

As a former teacher, I can see that your concern is an important one–for you and for Steinberg/Dorico.

You do realize such questions have been answered recently on this forum.

Thanks @dspreadbury , I knew someone would respond here! I really appreciate it.
An example of a situation I’m struggling with: we bought Cubase 13 recently but the student can only use version 12 because he just has a dongle (the only way we have to manage the license at the moment)…
I would be really interested in finding a solution and will send you an email as soon as possible !
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Cubase 12 also uses Steinberg Licensing and is not compatible with the old eLicenser system, so I guess your student must actually be using Cubase 11. But in any case, please get in touch and we will do what we can to help.

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Yes, he is actually using v11, sorry !

Hello Daniel
I just created the account and I don’t know if here is the right place to ask you.
I have 7 machines ( PC and Mac) in my studio and would like to run cubase on them all same time, so can I buy 3 licenses of cubase pro 13 on same account and do it ?
Thank you

If you mean Cubase instead of Dorico, you should probably contact Steinberg or ask on the Cubase forum. If you meant Dorico, you are probably in the right place and will hear from someone shortly.

And welcome to the forum @Aziz_Abdo .

Dear Derrek,

Thank you for your reply,

Sorry, maybe I wrote my message in the wrong place because I did not know where to send you my message.
My issue is I have 7 computers in my recording studio and all of them want to use cubase pro.
my question is can I buy (3 Cubase Pro licenses) under one account and these 7 computers use the same Steinberg account and run Cubase simultaneously ?

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This is the Dorico forum. You should probably post on the Cubase forum.

Yes, you can do this. (And you could do it with Dorico as well, if you wanted, just so that people understand that this answer would apply to Dorico in just the same way it applies to Cubase.)