Management of multiple USB devices via ASIO driver

Hi team,

In a Cubase project I had solved the problem of flexibly managing the use of a TC Helicon device (WDM driver) at the same time as a Steinberg sound card using an ASIO4ALL driver.

I tried the same approach with VST Live, but, from what I can see, when the two devices are connected via USB the application crashes on startup.

Is the impossibility of using multiple active USB devices via the ASIO4ALL driver a limitation known to you or is it something that requires further investigation?

Thanks in advance.

ASIO is a protocol, if you select an ASIO device in VST Live it will take that and communicate with it via said protocol. So the host using any ASIO driver does not know what that device does behind the scene.
If you choose ASIO4All, VST Live (or any other ASIO host) does not know if there are multiple devices connected. In fact, the ASIO protocol deliberately attempts to prohibit such use (“at the same time”), as it causes synchronisation issues unless those multiple devices are externally synchronized.

Long story short…it should obviously not crash, and we will try to connect multiple devices as you described. However a) wouldn’t even know how to do that; if I connect a “real” ASIO device such as Steinberg URC, ASIO4All does not show me the internal device of my PC in the first place, and b) you say “Steinberg Sound Card”, so let us know which one you use and we’ll try to reproduce the issue, thanks.

Hi @Giuseppe_Loffredo,

can you please check if a CrashLog was created? Have a look here:

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Hi @musicullum,

first of all, thanks for the quick feedback. :blush:

The main sound card I use is a Steinberg UR824 (but I also tried with a more modest UR22C).

As I was saying, in Cubase I can use without problems, via the ASIO4ALL driver and after activating both the Steinberg UR824 (or UR22C) and VoiceLive RACK from the WDM Device List, the ports generated for the TC Helicon device in order to use the latter as an external effect .

I remain available if you need further information.

Hi @Spork,

this is the last CrashDump generated (I avoided loading the VSTs to try to understand if it was related to this):

VST (2.0 MB)

Thank you in advance for the support. :slight_smile:

Hi team,

an update to what I reported in this post.

I was able to understand the problem I had and use the TC Helicon VoiceLive RACK device in a send/return chain within VL via Asio4ALL.

The result would seem to be the same as what I was already obtaining using Cubase, except for a problem that arose: the VoiceLive RACK generates I/O midi ports that I regularly see in the list of midi ports available for VL, but which appear not to communicate with the device.

I don’t get any errors, but the VoiceLive RACK does not receive any midi messages on its midi port (this fact is confirmed by a light on the device display).

Obviously in Cubase I regularly use the midi port mentioned above to select the current preset/step of the Voice RACK.

Any idea why this behavior occurs?

Not quite sure about the exact setup.

It looks to me as if the problem only occurs with ASIO4All aggregating multiple devices, correct? And if so, do you use ASIO4All in Cubase, or other ASIO device, or are there other differences?

Also not quite sure how the MIDI i/o is related to that, maybe it would be best is you could post some screenshots of VST Live Connections, and possibly Cubase assignments, thanks!