Managing Actiovation Manager

Is there a link on the MySteinberg site comparable to the Licensing page where I can see (and cancel) all the machines holding Activations for Dorico in the Activation Manager?

I ran into a “Activation Limits Reached” last night when trying to move Dorico to a new computer even after I had canceled the activation on my former machine. I would have benefited from being able to see where the Activation Manager thought my activated copies were located, since even if I had Dorico activated on two machines, I should have been able to activate it on a third (IIRC).

I managed to deactivate on my laptop as well, so I have an activated copy on my new machine, but I would still like to know there is a link where I can check if I run into a similar problem in the future.

You can at present only deactivate the software by running Steinberg Activation Manager on that computer and clicking Deactivate. If you no longer have access to the machine, you’ll need to raise a ticket with our support team to ask them to deactivate the software for you: