Managing Cubase Backup Files

I’m not sure if I am managing this correctly or not…?
But I have Cubase set to do upto 10 backups ever few minutes or so.

I also Save my projects incrementally at major milestones…ie Song Revision1, Song Revision2, Song Revsion3 etc (sometimes this can go up to 50 or more during the tracking and mixing process)

But I am getting a project folder with a Ton of useless backup files in it from previous Revisions. I’d only really prefer if it kept the 10 backups for the most latest revision. Is this a common issue? How do you guys manage cleaning all these files up? Just by hand?

I think last time I used Cubase it didn’t even have this backup feature… and Logic seemed to take care of it for me.

You really should say what OS you’re on.

But, yes, by hand. Sort them by kind or type, takes 10 seconds.

Ok no biggie. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything dumb.

I am on OSX.