Managing flows

I am looking for a way to work on a duplicated flow without it affecting the original flow. I am trying to delete instruments in the duplicated flow without them being deleted in the original. I unchecked the original in the properties panel in setup mode and still the instruments and layouts are removed when I take them out of the duplicated flow.

Each flow is independent, regardless if they began life as a duplicate of another flow.

If you remove players from a flow before duplicating that flow, then they won’t be in the duplicate, because at the time of duplication, they weren’t in the original flow.

Or am I misunderstanding something about your process? It should go:

  1. Duplicate flow containing all players
  2. Select duplicate flow in Flows panel (bottom panel in Setup mode)
  3. Untick unwanted players in Players panel (left panel in Setup mode)

If something unexpected is happening in a specific project, please share that project.

(Just rereading your post again – when you say you “unchecked the original”, you’re referring to the original flow? If you unticked the checkbox in the original flow’s card, then you’re removing that flow from either selected players or selected layouts. The relationships between players, layouts, and flows go both ways, so if players are selected in the Players panel and you untick a flow checkbox, you remove the selected players from that flow.)

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Happy New Year, Lillie. I went through this three step process, perhaps a little differently, because I deleted players and layouts from the new, duplicated flow. The players were removed from the original flow, too. I did not tick the players I wanted to delete. Per your suggestion, I ticked the players to remove them to get the desired result. This leads to my next question, which was likely to arise, even before trying it. I would like to add new players to the duplicated flow. Will they be added to the original flow, also?

I just added a new instrument in the duplicated flow. It appeared in the original flow score. So I unchecked it there to remove it. Is that the correct procedure?

Yes, by default, newly-added instruments will be assigned to existing flows. You can indeed un-check their checkboxes in the Players panel to detach the new players from existing flows.

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If you delete a player, it’s deleted – from the project, from all flows.

If you untick a player from a flow, it’s only removed from that flow – it remains in all other flows it’s ticked in.

You could think of the Players panel as being like a colour pallette: you add all the colours (players) you might want to use at any point in the painting process (project), and then you pick and choose which colour you want to use in each area (flow).