Managing folders (HUB)

Every time I go to Windows Explorer and search for deep subfolder structure, I see a miracle that we have one little (AND SIMPLE) command “Rename Folder” belong to existing “Rename” that allows to rename project file.

For example, we have default location “C:\Projects\2020\November” and Project Folder “sketch-58” (yes, I reach this number every month). So with existing controls I can rename project file that is in folder “sketch-58” ant that’s all. It would be nice that we can rename at least one folder - sketch-58. But better would be if with renaming we can move whole project to new place. Let’s say command “Rename Folder” gives us editable more than onw folders - “2020\November\sketch-58” and we can rename it strongly with rules of folder creation - “Album\Song-05” or similar, that results in full path “C:\Projects\Album\Song-05\SongName.cpr”