Managing Mixer I/O Settings or Presets

Hi all,

I am wondering how I should go about managing two different mixer IO setups. I track using an RME HDSPe MADI with a Soundcraft Vi4. This is 64 channels of inputs. I use the outputs to feed back into the Vi4 for virtual band type setup.

Then, when it comes time to mix, use a Focusrite Saffire. The trouble here is that I need to change the outputs to a stereo out.

But what if I want to go back to the RME? It’s really time consuming remap the outputs again? I know I can hold shift while selecting an output and it will do them in order, but I don’t always have them in order.

I can do a save all mixer settings but I am not clear how this works and have been burned by using it before. Does it just do the mixer channels in order or does it actually match channel names?

Right now I am finding that the best way is to save a 2nd version of the project file for mixing and use two versions but that’s also clunky.


In VST Connections (F4) you can save presets of input and output configurations. I think this will let you switch between setups?


Yeah I haven’t tried that but will. Tricky party is I have a bus for each input from Mono 1 to Mono 64. I would have to have the same bus names but different IO assigned.