Managing multiple flows as sketch areas for the same primary score?

Awhile back I got the idea from someone here on the forums to use alternate flows for the purpose of creating secondary ideas, sketches, scraps, etc. I think it’s a pretty cool idea, though confused about the best workflow there. As it stands, multiple flows still show up in my full score view and gets rather confusing sometimes, especially if the playhead skips along to the next flow.

I read something about creating custom score layouts to host all these sketches and scraps instead, and then unchecking what you don’t need for the Full Score – or the other way around. Is this the best way? Curious if anyone could expound on this workflow or whatever works best for you. Thanks!

Just also keep one “Working Score” layout with everything in it to be sure nothing omitted in other layouts erases material altogether.


adding to the important @Derrek ['s] advice, here some visual examples for possible layouts. (One main flow for the piece an two sketches flows. Maybe can help someone.)

Only the main piece:

Main piece and all sketsches (facilitates copy and paste for example):

Only the sketches:

Only sketch 1:

Only sketch 2:


You’re right! @Derrek is important, isn’t he?


Also remember the possibility to use the option to filter witch flows are being shown in the Frame Chain (if for some reason you want to retain the sketches but hide them in the layout “My Piece + sketches”)
In my example above, in the layout “My Piece + sketches” go into engrave mode, edit the First page template (with double click), click on the Flows blue icon, choose selected and just tick the main Flow and untick the sketches).

So you can combine different methods of showing/hiding flows
-via different layouts (as in my previous post)
-or with this Frame Chains Filter by Flow option.


Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to screengrab all that – I’m a visual learner so that’s super helpful! Your first solution works best for me, especially since I write in Galley View 99% of the time. I played around with creating these score layouts and set up a preferred keyboard shortcut to switch views - working great!

Taking this idea a step further, I noticed in the menu preferences that you can set a different background color for custom score layouts – so I think in my case for scraps and my testing ground or “sandbox” if you will, I made this background a light gray, so it’s very easy when I switch views to see immediately which is which. I’ve made the mistake a few times recently of editing the wrong flow or layout, or simply getting lost as to which is which – so I think that will make things even easier to navigate.

Main Score Layout

Sketch 1 (for example)

Not necessarily pretty but usually I’m only briefly referring back to old sketches or scraps to check something or grab something, so it works for me to see quickly which is which. Thanks again!

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You are welcome.


wow, didn’t know that: great!

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